A few US degree programs related to intercultural communication / international education

I wanted to look at degree programs related to education and TESOL but slightly different.

This Vanderbilt PhD has a strong focus on literacy but also works with oral communication and ESL.

UMBC Masters in Intercultural Communication – 2 year program with or without thesis that offers no assistance for native English speakers.

The university of Florida has one but their website offers relatively little information. You can see how the 34 credits required break down by checking out the pdf.

The University of Denver

Hawaii has an MA in Communication with specializations like global communication, organizationa & intercultural communication, etc.

UMass has a program that leads to an EdD in International Education – specifically improving it in developing countries.

I also searched for Intercultural Studies but many results were for religious things and I gave up on that one.

This George Mason PhD in cultural studies sounds interesting.

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