A nice moment today

I had a student come up to me and ask for extra reading so she can prepare for grad school. I asked her what she wanted to study specifically so that I could recommend the most appropriate books. She said, “SLA.”

Well since I’m the SLA teacher in our graduate certificate program, that made me quite happy. I know that she may have made up her mind long before she stepped into my class, but I also know that I might have inspired her. One thing I know for sure is that I didn’t squash her dreams. That’s something since the classroom is often a discouraging place, especially when exams and grades are involved as they are in our TESOL program.

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  1. areej says:

    Well true. Classes can be a disappointement sometimes. But being and an SL teacher myself, one thing I try to remind myself of constantly is to FOCUS on the POSITIVE in class in EVERY student. Seriously instead of worrying why they did not get that, or why this student is not interested. I learned that by being enthusiastic about giving the class and interacting with the students, they themselves become so without knowing. Cause I believe enthusiasm is contagious.