A sad story about a Korean sex slave that reveals something about Korean culture

This article touches on many aspects of Korean culture, from the sex industry, to money lenders who charge 25% interest, to the scarcity of good-paying jobs for women, to the idea that girls go to college to find husbands. And how all that led one Korean girl who grew up poor into taking a job in America where she was turned into a sex slave.

There’s a lot of material here for discussion classes, though some of it will certainly be uncomfortable. Still, the parts about running up credit card debt and turning to moneylenders should be fairly safe. The other issues are important, but is it our job to bring these serious issues to class?

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  1. Katie says:

    Hi – Just wanted to let you know I have been reading your blog and I think you bring up many interesting topics. This post was connected to something I’d thought about before and I posted my thoughts on it on my site here: http://www.tefllogue.com/the-teaching-life/tefl-ethics.html.

    I’m always happy to get feedback on (and links to :)) my site.