Adult only roleplay: Peter Freuchen accidentally propositioning an eskimo girl

I was reading The Adventurer’s Handbook just now and there was an interesting bit about explorer Peter Freuchen. This is a cultural difference that adult learners might find fun. It should also be useful in that it gives students a chance to resolve a cultural miscommunciation.


You are Peter Freuchen, a Danish explorer trying to map Greenland and reach the North Pole. In 1906 you see an eskimo girl walking by and in order to be nice and make good relations with the natives, you offer her a ride on your sled. She doesn’t want to get on your sled and starts pointing at her hair. Tell her that you don’t understand why she’s pointing at her hair.


You are an eskimo girl. Some Danish guy on a sled just propositioned you (a man offering a woman a ride on his sleigh is a sexual proposition). You don’t want to have sex with him but it doesn’t matter anyway because you are menstruating. You point at your hair, which is down (this indicates you are having our period and are unavailable for sex).

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