Am I great Korea tour guide or what?

Here are links to what I did for my friend from New York when he cam to Seoul recently.

Day 1: Kyungbok Palace, Namdaemun, JJ Mahoney’s

Day 2: Bongeunsa & Coex mall in Seoul, Korea

Day 3: The National Museum of Korea

Day 4: War Memorial of Korea and Hongdae

Day 5: Han Ok Gol Village, Waffle House, shopping

Day 6: National Assembly Building in Yeouido, Seoul Arts Center

Day 7: DMZ, Insadong, Chungyechun, City Hall, drunkeness, Seoul taxis

Day 8: Seodaemun Prison & Shinchon

Day 9: Shabu Shabu, Acupuncture, Dak Galbi, Noribang

Day 10: Black Rubber Shoes, Zibe, Su Norebang in Hongdae

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