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One of the things keeping me busy this vacation has been organizing a CALL colloquium for the upcoming KOTESOL conference. Basically I’ve has to recruit speakers, suggest topics, and write this abstract. Writing it down like this doesn’t make it sound like a lot of work, but it was. I may not even be done – a 5th speaker would be ideal, but the would be 5th is on vacation…

CALL in context: incorporating CALL into specific curriculums in Korea

Dr Jeong-Bae Son, University of Southern Queensland

David W. Deeds, Woosong Language Institute

Christopher Douloff

James Trotta, Catholic University of Korea

For the first forty minutes of this colloquium, panel members will discuss CALL in Korea. Dr. Son will begin by outlining current issues and trends in CALL. David Deeds will then speak about his experience setting up a CALL lab at Woosong Language Institute. Christopher Douloff will then speak about evaluating CALL courseware and, lastly, James Trotta will discuss online language learning activities that he has used with his classes. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions during the second half of the colloquium. This

would be a great time to describe your teaching situation and get some

practical advice about CALL activities which could be integrated with your


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