Can you find me?

Take a look at this picture of Red Devil Korean soccer fans in City Hall for the big game. I was there, and it was just a crazily huge crowd. Feel free to save me from talking to myself on my soccer forum.

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  1. Jenny Wilsen says:

    Hi, James–

    Do you know Jason Ham’s email address? I’m trying to contact him because of his past work with Cambridge University Press.

    Many thanks,

    Jenny Wilsen

    jwilsen at cambridge dot org

    ps: That Korea game pic looks wild — I bet it was a blast!

  2. jhovie says:

    i have read your site and im interested to be trained as volunteer teacher somewhere or even Korea. pls give me more information concerning this. I am now on my 3rd year in the field of Education. BSEd- majoring in English. will you give me more information and sources regarding Linguistics, Simantics, Phonics , and Grammar?

    Thank you so much


  3. James Trotta says:

    Jenny – I sent Jason your info.

    Jhovie – I don’t know anything about getting trained to volunteer in Korea.