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Teacher picking on a 4th grader unfairly?

I think it’s kind of funny, but then again, it’s not my 4th grade kid that cried after getting made fun of in school because the teacher made him turn his shirt inside out.

Students in my high school had to turn shirts inside out if they were obscene. In this case the kid was wearing a Yankees shirt and the teacher was a Red Sox fan. I guess the Yankees insignia is pretty obscene to a serious Red Sox fan but it’s not quite the same…

3 hours less to chill with friends after school? Ouch!

Interesting article here on Obama’s desire to add hours to the school day.

One issue that’s not addressed here is how this would impact school sports. When I was in high school, we finished school around 2:30 and then had wrestling practice (in winter anyway) until 5:30. If we had finished school at 3:30, would wrestling have gone to 6:30?

And based on this LOL quote it seems like we’re talking about more than one hour:

“I was like, `Wow, are you serious?'” she said. “That’s three more hours I won’t be able to chill with my friends after school.”

Her school is part of a 3-year-old state initiative to add 300 hours of school time in nearly two dozen schools.

Tough to get fired in US schools

We have a California teacher who accidentally sent a sex tape to 5th graders and their parents.

We have NYC school teachers being paid to do nothing.

What else have we got?

How far behind are US schools?

There are some interesting points in this article. The author argues that the US is not as far behind as we have been led to believe and points out several ways the public has been misled.

However, the author also provides at least some misleading information when comparing the US and South Korea: “South Koreans do have a longer school year, measured in days. But Americans actually spend more time in school. The average U.S. eighth-grader has 1,146 instructional hours a year, compared with 923 hours a year in South Korea.”

Before accepting this you might want to know that many Korean high school kids spend a ridiculous amount of time in school – an unhealthy amount of time in school. After the regular school day has ended they go to private institutes or stay in school and study. I often hear stories about students who wake up at 6:00 AM and get home at midnight. I also see high school kids fooling around so it’s not all work and no play for everybody…

But my point is that this writer can not be counting the time spent studying after school, either in the school itself or in private institutions or with tutors at home.

A public forum debate example from a US high school

Public Forum Debate is one of the three popular forms of academic debate in America and I think probably the best for EFL classes. here’s a video from a US high school debate on the following resolution / topic:

Resolved: That eliminating the United States Government budget deficit should be prioritized over increasing domestic spending.

A little executice excess compensation in higher ed?

Robert Paxton, until recently an Iowa community college president, resigned over controversy involving a photo of him holding a keg and apparently pouring beer into a young woman’s mouth.

So he resigns over the controversy and gets a severance package that officials said was valued at about $400,000. This includes 2 years salary and health care for a while. How many people would resign right now, after having done nothing wrong, if they could get paid for doing nothing the next 2 years?

US schools short on gas money

Intersting article on how US schools are having trouble getting kids to school on the bus because of gas prices. Some are moving to 4 day weeks…

America’s party schools

Some people are surprised to learn that many universities in America are called “party schools” but it’s true. This article lists the top 20.

3 generations teaching in same school

Here’s a nice story about 3 generations of a family teaching at the same school. What I want to know is how they teach French – good old GT or something else?

Does this crazy stuff only happen in America?

Or is it just that I hear more about American news stories? Here’s a 40 year old teacher marrying a 16-year-old student in North Carolina.