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What do translators do?

In my classes at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies I have several current translators and hopeful future translators. However, I don’t know all that much about translation services. I do know they can be pricey since my wife once made $300 for an hour or so interpretation job. And I once helped the Korean National Tax Service with a speech translation (I took the translation and edited it for style, clearing up confusing parts by talking to the tax guys to figure out what message was really supposed to be conveyed).

I guess I know what interpreters do, but translators? Even this case study doesn’t paint a very clear picture. I think that’s why it’s hard for a place like Monterey to publicize itself as a city for language learning and translating.

Inexpensive online translation

I’m sure that you’ve heard the old language teaching will be obsolete in 20 years line. A Star Trek-like universal translator will make interpersonal communication between people who speak different languages easy.

Of course the problem has been that machine translations have trouble with many aspects of language. You have to program so many language nuances into a machine (for exmaple “he’s a heavy smoker” – what does heavy mean in that sentence?).

Here’s an online translator, but the translation is still done by real people. I typed in “Hi, my name is Jim.” I know it’s a stupid test… and said I wanted to translate from English to Korea. The price:

Text Translation by Non-Native translators 0.30 USD

Text Translation by Native translators 0.40 USD

Text Translation by Professional translators 0.50 USD

A longer text (the rules for the travel writing contest I blogged about a while back) would be:

Text Translation by Non-Native translators 6.96 USD

Text Translation by Native translators 9.28 USD

Text Translation by Professional translators 11.60 USD

That is inexpensive! They also have a free machine translation service available online. Of course they have to warn you “Free translation is machine translated text and should only be used an indication as to the meaning of the orginal text.”

translator job openings:

NonNative – People who are fluent in a language pair but do not have certification and are not a native speaker of that language.

Native – People who are fluent in a language pair AND are a native speaker in that language pair

Professional – People who have had at least 5 years industry experience in that language pair

Anyway, it should be a usefule site so check it out when you need some translating done.