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ESL’s click to donate function

Now that I’m finally on vacation, I was able to complete a project I’ve been working on for a few months now. ESL’s click to donate function is a button on the homepage. Click the button (upper left side) and you’ll be taken to the advertiser’s page. The advertisers then make a small contribution to purchasing food for hungry people. Go click please! Only one click/day is recorded and if you like, you can register. If you click while logged in you can keep track of how much you donate.

Another sexual predator teaching

Another criminal teacher in America. Perhaps I shouldn’t judge so quicly (innocent until proven guilty) but teachers have to know better, don’t they?

Self help from a vocabulary guy

So a friend of mine who created Vocaboly vocabulary software has a new self help page at his site. In general, I think the most important way to help yourself is to set goals. I’ve written down short and long-term goals and that makes me committed to them. I think that has helped me get up from in front of the TV (numerous times) and go do some work that would help me achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.

Next in importance for me comes health and fitness. I just got a little Macmillan book with their words of the year. One of them was healthspan. Think lifespan, but shorter. Your healthspan are the years you’re healthy. Have more healthy years.

Of course, English teachers have to consider career and financial success. Ours isn’t exactly a get rich profession, so we need to make something happen in that regard by starting businesses, investing, etc.

How an Iranian and a Thai living in Canada became penpals

I was happy to see this emerging friendship on my message board. This is the sort of relationship that could really motivate each person to use their English. I mean a Thai person living in Canda and a person from iran can really teach each other a lot about their respective cultures.

Classic stories online

Here’s a potentially valuable resource for ESL instructors and individual home learners: Light Up Your Brain was designed as a site for children, but also features some classic stories read by a professional voice talent. In addition to the audio version of the stories (either streaming or downloadable MP3), there’s a link to the story text so you can read along visually. Among the story selections are The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Velveteen Rabbit and The Little Mermaid.

Trusting click to doante sites

Which click to doante sites do you trust? claims on their “how it works” page: is a web site with the mission of making the world a better place. At, you can make donations free of charge to important causes such as AIDS and cancer research, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, vaccines for children and more. All you have to do is to click on the donation button and our sponsors will pay for your donation. The entire process takes only a few seconds.

Our sponsors pay a few cents every time you donate. While this does not sound like a large amount of money, a few cents will provide a cup of food for a hungry person or vaccinate a young child against tuberculosis. With each free donation, you will be making a real difference in someone’s life.

But also states after I clicked on the donate to aids page “Each donation on average generates about a fraction of a cent (US). While this does not sound like a large amount of money, the pennies add up quickly when we work together.”

Well which is it? A few cents or about a fraction of a cent (about a fraction? – never heard that before). Finally, the “sponsors” are affilaite links. With affiliate links the web site gets paid when someone makes a purchase. This leads me to believe that your click does absolutely nothing unless you buy from one of the sponsors.

Writing resources

I found some interesting material here:

There are some interesting resources, including one on teaching critical thinking in the teacher’s section.

Click to donate

One of my short term goals is to build a “click to donate site” like or I don’t have time to learn how to code one, so I will need to hire a designer to take care of everything. To raise money for the project I’m opening ESL Ad store, an Amazon store. Basically, people can browse Amazon products and when they buy something from Amazon after following a link from ESL Ad, Amazon gives me a small commission. This goes into my “click to doante” web design fund. The best part is that prices stay the same so no one has to pay extra to help fund the future ESL charity site.

EFL spammers

Someone claiming to be Howie and using has been spamming my ESL go fourms. What’s with these ESL web site owners and spam? I mean spam will not make an ESL site successful. Anyway, I suggest avoiding this internatioanleflcafe site and of course the old markesl or whatever site. I’ve had spam problems with both of these guys.

Cultural differences in business

I remember reading a while back about the cultural differences involved in the labor dispute between Citibank and the Korea labor unions. I’ve found a couple of articles about it, but not ones that really concentrate on the cultural aspects. I’m thinking this would be a great issue to discuss in my Business across Cultures class…

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