Coursebook evaluation and students discovering learning styles

As a warm-up for a lesson on coursebook evaluation today we were reviewing 6 principles of CLT, one of them being “Students discover their own learning styles and strategies.” Seemed pretty standard so I didn’t give any special consideration on how to explain that one. This was supposed to be a review.

In one class, it was. But another class had no idea what this meant. I explained, “Think about MI and right brain activation. A book should encourage students to reflect on how they learn best.” I checked.

A student said, “So a book has to activate multiple intelligences?”.

I answered, “That’s only half of it. Students also have to think about which intelligences work best for them.”

They had trouble getting this concept. I tried giving a few examples but I could see I wasn’t getting anywhere. Giving exmaples is especially hard since so few books do this well. I agve the example of students taking a MI quiz or discussiong learning styles.

We still didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. We worked through the entire ten minute break but no luck. So I’ll probably try again later. Any advice? How would you explain this concept of CLT and relate it to coursebook evaluation?

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