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So I work at the Catholic University of Korea, but not for long. They just changed the 4 year limit for non-tenure track teachers to 3 years making this my last semester.

Unfortunately for students, this means that teachers familiar with the departments course offerings are going to be in short supply next sememster since one of my colleagues was just fired (in the middle of the semester) after students complained quite a bit.

Next semester students will ahve one teacher who has taught the department’s content courses before and two who have not. I know from personal experience that the second time teaching a course like Public Speaking or Intercultural Communication is much better (for students and teachers) than the first time. But the university would rather save a few dollars (some Korean law dictates that after 3 years of employment, Korean employers must contribute more to the pension or something) than put experienced teachers (experienced with these particular courses that is) in the classroom.

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  1. joe says:

    This is good to know. I had applied to the Catholic University last semester, but had already accepted a job at another university by the time they contacted me. I’ve heard mixed things about working there, and the 3-year max on the contract is just one more thing to add to the negative column.

  2. James Trotta says:

    I didn’t know the negative column was much of a list. I’ve generally enjoyed my time here. This situation is really just another example of the one real negative for me – a lack of stability. The department I used to work in had thee different directors and three different coordinators in the two years I worked there. My current department is more stable but now the administration is shaking things up…

  3. gordsellar says:

    Well, that teaches me for not keeping up with my Bloglines subscriptions — I’ve been subbed to your site for a long time but hadn’t played catchup until now. I was just hired at CUK. If I’d known about this limit (or thought to ask) it might have played a part in my decision to take this job and turn down another one without such a limit (since it was a pretty good job). But, ah well, I guess I’m still generally happy about the decision. Heh, should I be?

    Was that you at my interview last month? (I googled your name but all that came up were pics of cars that you’ve posted elsewhere.) If you have any advice for me, I’d be quite appreciative. And I’m glad that you generally enjoyed your time there, even with the instability. You have my email, in any case, is there’s anything you think I ought to know about.

    Oh, and hey, happy new year! (It’s obligatory for at least ten days, isn’t it?)