Discussion topic – cops arresting man in wheelchair

Big news in America right now. Let me give you a few language samples from native speakers:

Maybe he did lunge for the weapon – he suddenly thrust out his hand which could’ve been a punch, or a grab for a weapon.

Saw nothing wrong with the police officers actions IF the guy did throw a punch, shove, or grab. Hard to tell what the guy did. Police were not overly violent in the takedown.

Since the cameraman obviously had an axe to grind, I find it extremely suspicious that the footage starts a split second prior to the takedown. the action is already in frame and steady when the footage starts, so it leads me to believe there was additional footage. Bet it shows the guy being belligerent.

This is ridiculous.

For those who didn’t bother watching the footage, what you have is two fairly physically imposing cops, with one restraining the left arm and the other the right arm, of a paralyzed man in an electric wheel chair. There is a very slight struggle on the part of the “suspect” — about as much as any reasonable person would struggle if some random person grabbed your arm. The cops proceeded to lift the paralyzed man up out of the chair and faceplant him onto the concrete sidewalk. At that point, the cops handcuffed him. Some blood proceeded from the suspect’s head. There was no struggle on the part of the suspect outside of the initial reaction to the grabbing by the cops.

Cops have a duty to use REASONABLE force when effectuating an arrest. Can anyone say the force used was reasonable under the circumstances, without making absurd references to some miniscule possibility that the suspect had a knife/gun/WMD tucked away in his wheelchair somewhere?

Cops get way too much leeway by some people in our society.

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