Do blogs help?

I’ve been adding blogs to my directory of ESL/EFL firendly blogs, and I feel it’s time to put these blogs to the test. I get the feeling that these could really help people engaged in online private tutoring. The student would find an interesting blog, read a few entries and discuss them with the tutor (via email, message board, instant messenger (IM), voice IM, video IM), and then post a response.

Reading and discussing the entries should aid fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension.Through writing the response and analysing the language being used to compose the response we get some work on accuracy and help students express their thoughts with more complex grammar.

I wouldn’t mind having at least one partner to help me with this research project. I could find you a student in Korea and you could find me a student in your country. Then we could each write a case study after a few months. Hopefully our work would help determine if blogs really are good for helping students.

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