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I recently got an email asking for some help after a difficult interview. I thought that sharing the interview questions would be helpful although the first one I must admit I’m unable to answer. I did have a student with a hearing disability once and I basically had no idea how to help her with pronunciation. I also had a student with some physical disability that left his speech very difficult to understand. I basically treat them like normal students.


I am an ESL teacher in San Francisco and i am really impressed by what you wrote on I am finding another job in a Community College and had a interview last week. In the interview, I was asked some questions that I found very hard. I am wondering if you would help me with those questions. Particulary, I was asked 4 hard questions.

1) How do you teach ESL to students with disabilities?

2) How would you approach teaching a ESL listening& speaking and a ESL reading& writing class?

3) What is your approach to homework, testing and grades?

4) How would you grade a student’s composition?

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