ESL listening exercise – cultural differences found by exchange students in America

Here’s a little listening / conversation activity I designed.

Student 1 (boy from Spain)

Student 2 (boy from Germany)

Student 3 (girl from New Zealand)

Student 4 (boy from Norway)

Student 2 again (boy from Germany)

There’s a lot of school spirit in America

Stuff is big in America

Americans don’t kiss each other on the cheeks


American high schools have organized sports teams and cheerleaders

Americans drive on the wrong side of the road

A lot of food has peanut butter in it

Conversation questions:

If you were an exchange student in America, which of these cultural differences would affect you the most? Which would you enjoy and which would bother you? Why?

What cultural differences would exchange students in your country have trouble with? Which cultural differences might they enjoy?

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