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The question: Hi Jim, I’m a foreign nursing graduate from the Philippines and I submitted applications to take the licensure to some states like Nevada but they required me to take ESL class before I could take a TOEFL exam. Is there any chance you could help me achieve that requirement. I know you help so many people by your site. I would really appreciate a reply from you. I’m looking for a free ESL class or teacher that will provide me a proof document/letter or certification that i attend a English class. Thank you and God bless.

My answer: Hi there! All study materials are online. The idea is to use the exercises at, than practice on the forums at . When I see your language on the forums, I can reply with corrections and suggestions.

That’s how the learning happens. I can write a letter once I’ve seen enough of your language, but I don’t know the TOEFL requirements so I can’t promise that my letter will entitle you to take the TOEFL.

I hope you decide to study with us at (though you may want to check the requirements for that letter for the TOEFL) and I wish you luck on your journey.

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