ETS, the Evil Testing Satans, strike again

I hate ETS. I scheduled a GRE for July 2009 and now have to reschedule. So I try to reschedule for July 2010 – which they have in their drop down menu. But choose July or any month in 2010 and they say there are no test dates available. Try another test center and get the same message.

Now it’s annoying enough that I have to pay $50 to reschedule. But now it looks like I have to cancel (which means you pay half the test price or $70) and then book a date in 2010 later – whenever their computers let me in (and who knows when that will be?). So the $140 test, which would be $190 if I could reschedule, will end up costing me $210.

All because ETS has a monopoly – and their test isn’t even that great!

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