Extra credit assignment for SMU-TESOL (Groups 1,4,5,6,A,B SLA class)

Extra credit assignments will be written reports applying ideas from SLA class to a lesson you have taught and/or planned. Reports will be published on this blog so that other teachers can benefit from the analysis.

Step 1: Summarize a lesson. This could be a lesson from your own teaching experience or it can come from one of your methodology lesson plans.

Step 2: Analyze the lesson’s theoretical foundation by applying ideas we’ve discussed in SLA.

Notes: The summary should be fewer than 200 words. The analysis should be 500 words or more. The conclusion should be fewer than 200 words. Reports should consist of paragraphs under headings. Possible headings:

I. Overview of the lesson

II. Theoretical justification of the activities

A. Right hemisphere participation

B. The Affective Filter, anxiety, and motivation

C. Input and Output

III. Conclusion

The headings above are not required (you may use any headings you like) but should give you an idea about the form I expect. Extra credit assignments should be emailed to jtrotta@gmail.com attached as word (.doc) files. The due date is Monday, December 4th, 2006.

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