Fall Semester 2008/Inha University English 4/Online Culture Discussion Board Introduction/Professor Ham

Follow these steps carefully and exactly.

Go online and type www.learn-english-grammar.com in your browser window.

When the web page pops up, click Register at the top. A page of English text will pop up.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click I Agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years of age.

Enter your Username in the box. It must contain the word Inha, your English class number, and your real name. For example: Inha(56)LeeCheonSoo. Remember this username exactly and write it down. This forum is case-sensitive, so remember when you use capital letters and when you use lower-case letters. If you were in a previous class with me and used this forum, you may use your old username and password, but please inform me if you do.

Enter your email address in the second box. For example: englishstudent@gmail.com.

Select a password and enter it in the third box down. Make sure to remember it. Write it down and keep it in your textbook or somewhere safe. It should be at least 8 characters long. Again, the program is case-sensitive, so be exact.

Re-enter your password in the last box.

Scroll down to the bottom and set the Time zone to GMT + 9 Hours. This is Korea’s time zone. Leave the rest of the settings alone for now. You may change or add new information to your profile later.

Click Submit at the bottom.

You will have to wait (1-2 days) for the system administrator to accept your registration and send you an email. This is a standard security measure. When you receive the email, follow the link and instructions it contains.

Click Login at the top. Retype your username and password exactly. Then click Log in to enter the site.

Congratulations! You are now a member of our online discussion board. You will be able to begin communicating with native speakers and other English learners immediately. You can now start submitting your culture discussion paragraphs for homework. To do your homework, click Discussing Culture. Browse around and read a few of the topics that interest you. For your assignment this semester, you will be asked to reply to six topics posted by other users, so please find some that interest you. Click post reply to reply to a topic that is already being discussed.

For each of your 6 posts (assignments), enter a title in the Subject box. Then type your culture discussion paragraphs in English. They should be at least 60 words long / 6 sentences, and contain interesting information about Korean and/or other cultures. Make sure to personalize your information whenever you can by talking about your own unique experiences. You should also ask questions to promote further discussion. Content is more important than accuracy; however, I would like to see proper spelling and use of capitals and punctuation. Of course you are welcome to use dictionaries or spell-checkers to assist you. Also, you can always correct mistakes later by clicking the edit button or using the Preview function before clicking Submit.

Be as creative as you like. You may upload photos, use emoticons, or provide links to other sites as well. There are many things you can do with this forum. Enjoy this discussion board and visit it often to see if one of our native speaker assistants, HUFS students, or international users has replied to your posts. Feel free to reply to other users and practice your fluency. I would like to see a lot of continuous forum use by our students.

I will check your total forum activity often and you will score points for homework completed. Remember the Online Culture Forum homework is worth 6% of your grade in your English conversation class here at Inha. You are expected to have at least 6 culture paragraphs posted in the Discussing culture forum. The deadlines are as follows:

Post #1 – (10/01-10/10)

Post #2 – (10/11-10/20)

Post #3 – (10/21-10/31)

Post #4 – (11/01-11/10)

Post #5 – (11/11-11/20)

Post #6 – (11/21- 11/30)

17. Try to post at least once every ten days so that you make the deadlines. Late posts will not be counted for credit. Again, for the purpose of assessment in this class, quality paragraphs are at least six sentences long/at least 60 words; they demonstrate original thought and proficiency, discuss a cultural topic, and ask or answer questions about culture.

18. By the way, plagiarism will not be tolerated. You must cite your sources if you use information that is not your own. If anyone plagiarizes, they will receive an automatic 0% for their entire Online Culture Forum grade. Do your best and enjoy the site. Inappropriate posts will also be deleted and not count for credit.

19. Extra posts (more than 6) are welcome, and may be counted toward extra credit for your participation score.

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