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With 2 days of class before final exams begine, I’ve come to a realization – having classws with no curve take a lot of pressure off teachers assigning grades. Now in my experience students who do not get an A in an uncurved class are complaint candidates but there will be fewer complaints from B students in uncurved classes then the B,C, and D students in the curved classes.

In addition to dealing with fewer complaints, since there’s no need to assign a certain number of each letter grade, when doing the uncurved class it doesn’t matter if one student gets an 83 and another gets and 82. In the uncurved class I could give them both A grades if I wanted. In the curved class, 83 might be the cutiff ofr an A so that a student with one less point gets a B+. As you might imagine, I end up checking my math several times in those classes.

The reason I bring this up is because I only have 2 curved classes this semester. I like it like that.

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