Have fun grading final exams – and dealing with a big cultural difference

I have lots of essays to read, recorded debates and roleplays to listen to, etc. I’m sure that some of you are expereincing the same thing. I’ve heard lots of different ways to handle the grading. Some teachers work in their office, some go to a coffee shop, some go to a bar, etc.

I just bring everything home and grade it there, taking breaks to play with the dogs or talk to my wife.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is how some students, particularly seniors, assume they will graduate and pass all their classes. I just got an email from a student who I’ve seen in about 25% of the classes. She got a job before she graduated and the job had to come first. Anyway, she emailed her final essay because she had to work and couldn’t come to school.

This kind of stuff happens in Korea (not often, but it’s not that rare either) but never in America (where you don’t start working full-time until you’ve completed your coursework) and it’s hard for me to get used to it.

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