Heavy discussion topic: should government educate people about how to stay safe on drugs?

Interesting article here. Obviously a topic for adult students who might have all different kinds of reasons for thinking this is a good or bad policy. A few sample arguments:

Pro: Harm reduction efforts like those outlined above are far more realistic and likely to have some real world impact than continuing to dump time and money into prohibition.

Some education about the risks and ways to reduce them can’t hurt. If someone benefits from knowing about the risks of hypothermia or dehydration while using ecstasy then what is the harm?

Con: They don’t sound concerned with stopping drug use just that those you use it have some safety tips.

I fail to see the benefit of this. I can’t see people going to this and saying, “well, I was going to do ecstasy but it says I have to drink a lot of water so I better hold off on that.” Or, “I really want to drink alcohol but this flyer says not to drink and do ecstasy so it convinced me.”

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