How to provide feedback after oral exams

My normal conversation classes have their oral exams, which they do in pairs by having an 8-10 minute conversation on one of the 6 themes we’ve discussed in class (determined randomly by rolling a die) assessed on the following rubric:

Fluency / listening / conversation building = 0-5

Accuracy = 0-5

Complexity = 0-5

Content = 0-15

Content refers to the number of cultural differences discussed and the amount of detail given regarding each cultural difference. In class we discuss Korean and North American in order to compare the differences so the same thing needs to happen on the exam.

The difficulty is in giving feedback. The content area is likely to be the same or similar for both students and I won’t be able to write the same thing twice (because I can’t write fast enough). This means students end up with individula feedback sheets for fluency, accuracy, and complexity but partners have to share a feedback sheet for content.

This gives me an opportunity to address language issues individually by pointing out errors (plain errors in the accuracy column and avoidance in the complexity part). But it doesn’t do the same for content – the discussion is a team effort and I can’t really separate each partner’s contribution to the overall depth and insight generated during the conversation. So I don’t – I have one feedback slip for content that the two students share.

It’s a little weird, but it’s the best method I’ve thought of.

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