I’m back from correcting quizzes and other stuff even less fun

Grading SLA quizzes is always interesting. First, there are a number of concepts that need to be discussed and then I ahve to evaluate how well each concept was analyzed. So if the question has to do with comparing environmental influences in L1 acquisition according to Behaviorists and Cognitivists, I need to make sure that the student mentions both input and language models. They must be in the correct context – too many students talked about Behaviorism and input which tells me that I didn’t empahsize input as solely a Cognitivist idea strongly enough.

Then the hard part – the student needs to analyze the differences between models in Behaviorism and input in Cognitivism. And there should be some mention of models being imitated and then a good explanation of reinforcement compared with input triggering the LAD to begin gathering rules from the rules that make up the input. Which of course meand we should compare rules and habits. Reinforcement with the LAD organizing systems based on rules plucked from the input is another issue.

And that’s just question #1… Obviously, the few students who ace this timed essay test have achieved something really great.

By the way, correcting quizzes isn’t my only excuse for not blogging more frequently. I’ve also had a lot of work done behind the scenes to amke this blog run on newer software and be more resistant to spammers. Let’s hope it was worth it!

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    Let me know.