Lying to have sex, smile like you got laid last night, and the Fit Tuckers

This article might be the basis of a future discussion class. Basically, an Israeli court found a man guilty of rape (rape by deception which is not punished as severely as rape by force as I understand) because he told a Jewish woman that he too was Jewish. In fact he was Arab.

In addition to discussing this specific case, what about all the other lies people tell each other before sex? Which ones should be punishable by law? Should you go to jail for lying about your age, income, sexual history, sex (like a man pretending to be a woman to get a straight man in bed), etc.?

And speaking of sex, today I saw a little girl, maybe 10 walking with her dad (I presume) in Yeouinaru Station. She was wearing a shirt that said “Smile lie you got laid last night.” I have to guess that neither daddy nor his little girl knows what that shirt means.

Kind of like the winner of the 2nd YTN HUFS debate tournament last Sunday. One of these days YTN the news station will air this debate on TV, the bebate won by a team called the Fit Tuckers. I guess the organizers had no idea that these high school kids were playing a joke until it was too late to make them change the name.

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