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So I recently moved from Bucheon to Seoul and the move cost about 350,000 won. They came to my house, packed everything, drove it to the new house, and unpacked. Certainly this was much cheaper than a move in America as my wife and I have our share of stuff.

However, not everything went well. There was quite a bit of traffic in Seoul on that Monday afternoon and the driver blamed my wife’s directions. So he decided to go left when my wife said straight and we immediately found ourselves in a bigger traffic jam. Then he got lost. The drive was about an hour longer than it should have been.

One interesting part of Korean culture is that you’re expected to buy lunch for the movers. We did our best, buying coffee and steamed buns in the morning and then offering to order Chinese food as we (finally) approached the new house. Wouldn’t you know it, the driver had a problem; he doesn’t like Chinese food.

The real problem was that since we were new to the area we ddin’t ahve any other places to order from. We ended up stopping at a Galbi Tang place which was naturally more expensive than the Chinese food would have been.

Then came the unpacking job which was pretty bad. We ended up with lots of clothes on the floor, a computer with everything put in its place but nothing hooked up (so we had to take everything out, hook things up, and then put it back in the computer desk) and other things like that.

For the most part nothing was damaged. Our TV cabinet now has uneven doors and some TV channels have poor reception. The cable guy says its our TV but I’m not convinced since some channels are fine. We might have to try another cable company if we have a choice.

Anyway, the move was cheap and the job got done, just in a somewhat annoying way with one guy giving us a hard time about directions and food.

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  1. Rocco says:

    Thanks for you honest post.