Not according to plan

An update on the NGO EAP CBI class which met for two hours today after meeting for one hour earlier in the week. Remember I wrote before that I wanted to do some introductions, and then define NGO and civil society and finish up with talking about sources and APA referencing conventions.

Imagine my surprise then when only 6 students showed up (there were 14 last time). I don’t know how I scared them all away, but that made doing introductions tough because I don’t really know who’s in my class and who’s not. I postponed the definitions and did the definitions, having students read what they brought in for homework while I wrote the most important stuff on the board. Then I asked students where the information came from. I wasn’t ready for answers like “” – I showed students real APA style references and the detailed info they need including exact web addresses. That took about 45 minutes so we took a break.

Then I split the class into two groups of three and told each team to combine all the info about one word into a really really good definiion. Of course when it came to in text referencing they had to use (Jun Sik’s source) for now, but when they bring in the APA info (homework for next class) we’ll fix that.

I also noticed that they put the information in kind of a weird order (weird to me anyway). I’m going to work with each group to reorganize the definitions/information and hopefully have some interesting discussion about organization next time. I jsut wonder who will be there…

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