Picking up a 6th stray

My wife and I rescued our 6th stray last night when we decided to go for a walk after dinner. I saw a litle Maltese walking around and followed it into an open space where some soccer team seemed to be spending their Sunday evening eating and drinking.

The dog started following some kid around and the kid got scared and fell. The father threatened to kick the dog so I yelled at him and went over to protect the dog. My wife yelled at me (I shouldn’t really be fighting, especially because of my recent surgery) and my wife told the guy he shouldn’t kick dogs.

We called the dog but there were a lot of people’s legs in the way so we couldn’t pick him up immediately and we were being a bit indecisive. All this time my wife was asking people if the dog had a home but everyone said it was a stray.

Some other guy picked up the dog and treated it quite lovingly except for the talk about eating it. I like to think he was joking, but my wife had actually seen the dog walk into a place that sold dog meat right around there so she told me to take the dog from him, which I did.

Then some lady told us that people come first and not dogs. My wife started yelling at her. Not so much because of her message but the lady was pretty condescending – I mean she’s sitting there getting drunk next to a place that sells dog meat while one of her friends threatens to kick a little stray dog (this Maltese is probably around 6 pounds) and she wants to teach us about life’s priorities?

My wife and the lady yelled for a bit until some guy came over and put his hands on our arms and told us to leave. My wife and I both told him to take his hands off us, my wife still yelling.

Anyway, we left with the dog and started calling local vets (mostly closed on Sunday night). One answered the phone and opened up for us. He said the dog has probably been a stray for a while even though it smelled like soap. Seems strange.

Anyway, the dog stayed at the vet overnight and will get checked out today. Then we’ll try to find her original home (a long shot I guess) or a new one. Wish us luck!

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