Presentaion on interview skills

Interesting presentation on interviewing strategies from Microsoft. Here’s the link. If that doesn’t work try this one and then click “view the video”.

It’s pretty long. You might be bale to skip the phone interview stuff (the face to face stuff starts at 7:30). You might also skip to 9:40 where they start the 6 types on interviews.

One little bit of jargon they use are “pain points” – a company’s pain points are its concerns both in the current business environment and in the future. In other words, what problems do they need you to help solve?

Also around 23 minutes in they give some IT kind of examples that will be lost on many students and teachers (including me).

I like the first example of the stumper question: Why are manhole covers round? Also “How are M&Ms made?” and “If Microsoft gave you $5 million to start a business, what would you do?”

At 31 minutes they talk about whiteboarding – which is probably outside the scope of most ESL classes because it’s for showing off your code. That’s where I stop the video.

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