Rubric for Conversation Strategies oral exams

Midterms are here. For my advanced conversation class based on Conversation Strategies (a text published by Pro Lingua Associates) I’m using the following rubric:


Correct Incorrect

Fluency / listening (0-4):

Rejoinders (0-2):

Terrific, wonderful, That’s too bad, Oh really?, I can’t believe it, I see, That’s nice

Follow-up questions (0-4):

What, When, where, why, who, how?

Confirmation questions (0-2):

How big? Which corner? Could you repeat that?

Clarifications with question words (0-2):

You did what? You went where? You’ll meet who?

Keeping or killing (0-4):

I have no idea, I’d rather not say, I’d have to think about that, What do you think?

Probability (0-2):

Will, should, ought to, might, may, could, shouldn’t won’t

Interrupting (0-4):

Excuse me, wait a minute, hold on, Can I add something? But…

Echoing (0-2):

Did you say…? You said…? That’s…?

Polite requests, responses, excuses (0-2):

Would you mind… I wonder if I could… / would, could / I’m sorry but… I’d like to but…

Getting a response (0-2):

What do you think? Don’t you agree? Do you know what I mean? How do you feel…?


The idea is to assess their ability to use the strategies from the first 10 units in a 10 – 15 minute conversation on whatever topic they choose. They’ve had time to plan what they want to say and how to incorporate the different strategies. The fluency / listening at the top refers to how well they build a conversation together by working with what their pareter says (they do the exam in pairs but are graded individually).

What do you think about the rubric?

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