School took lots of secret pics of kids at home?

New information on a story I linked to in February: Lower Merion School Dsitrict still thinks they have a chance to stay out of trouble:

An attorney for the district declined to comment last night on the Robbinses’ latest motion, except to say that a report due in a few weeks will spell out what the district’s own investigation has found.

“To the extent there is any evidence of misuse of any images, that also will be disclosed,” said the attorney, former federal prosecutor Henry E. Hockeimer Jr. “However, at this late stage of our investigation we are not aware of any such evidence.”

From the plaintiff’s claims in this story, I see a large settlement in the near future. I don’t see how the school district can expect anyone to accept hundreds of pictures taken of kids in their homes in secret. You have to wonder if the camera ever caught a kid getting dressed or something because that would have to mean a lot of trouble.

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