Sopranos clips for ESL conversation / discussuion classes

It’s tough to find Sopranos scenes for classroom use. But it’s fun looking for them and I want to use scenes from the best TV show ever…

This one has no cursing and students can work on telling the story / describing what’s going on here:

This one has Bobby buying a train set and getting murdered. I don’t think I’ll use it but it’s not impossible:

This is another murder scene – more graphic than Bobby’s – that ends with sh*t. Lots of great stuff for students to describe: Phil talking to his grandkids, Phil getting shot (makes sense to use passive here), The car moving with the babies still inside, the car running over Phil’s head, the guy puking…

This is a pretty good one. I didn’t hear any curses. There’s some action to describe, It should be funny rather than disturbing. If you want to teach “bloody nose” it’s perfect…

Here’s another funny fight scene from acting class:

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