Students who should know better

Today a couple of my colleagues and I were in a meeting preparing for next semester when a student interrupts to hand in a paper. My colleague says “It’s a little late.”

The student says she didn’t know the article was due at noon (it was 1:30) but my colleague called her on that little fib: “It was written on the assignment, right at the top, in big bold letters. Plus I wrote it on the board and told you in class.”

The student continued protesting, insisting that she didn’t deserve to lose any points because she didn’t know about the deadline. My colleague said that she would deduct a few points because the assignment was late.

Eventually, the student turns her back, says “I just think this is ridiculous,” and slams the door on her way out.

Now we’re talking about a graduate student here, a teacher in training. How could she not know better?

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