Teacher fired for assaulting a student or for self defense?

We know school rules disallow students from defending themselves against other students. What about teachers? Should they be allowed to defend themselves?

The student who defends himself or herself probably faces a few days off from school as in the Australian bully case. A teacher who was recently cornered by a student, physically and verbally threatened, and threw a nice punch for a 64-year-old art teacher might lose her job. Does she deserve to get fired? Does it matter she was teacher of the year last year? That she has been teaching for 23 years with no trouble?

Did the kid who got punched deserve to get expelled (he didn’t get expelled so far as I know but many people think he should be)? Not only did he physically threaten the teacher, but he also called her an “f*cking c*nt” plus other choice terms.

And what about the student who says, “Oh my God, he didn’t do anything; you can’t punch him in the face.” Some people think her attitude is one of the problems in American schools today – kids can do whatever they want, threaten teachers, etc. And teachers should do nothing about it.

What do you think?

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