Teaching business English to big companies

I have some experience teaching business English to employees of large companies; In 2002 I taught some people at Amway Korea because they had to send emails and whatnot to their home office (that’s when I started working on my business email writing tips handout). Later, I taught some people who worked for Korea’s National Tax Service (kind of like the IRS).

That was a really interesting class. It always helps when you like the students, but also the content was neat. Now usually when I tell people that our text was an OECD publication on principles of taxations on transfer pricing for multinational enterprises they roll their eyes and groan. But I love unique CBI opportunities and if anyone ever needs an English teacher to do a CBI course on transfer pricing and tax implications I figure I can name my own price.

So anyway, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to teach business English in one of those big corporations. I found where those companies turn when they need their employees to learn a language. This British company’s clients include Siemens, First Choice, BP, Ernst & Young, GE, Citigroup, Royal Opera House, and Pfizer. That must be a fun job. I haven’t filled out the application form yet – I start my new job at Hangook University of Foreign Studies in March and plan to stay there a while, but it is on my list of places to consider in the future.

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