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Here’s one suggestion on how to answer one of the most common job interview questions, “Tell me about yourself.”

As one commenter rightly points out, however, the job candidate doesn’t come across as very interesting or likable. You need to have a bit of personality to have a chance at building a rapport with the interviewer.

Here, the advice is to tell the interviewer what’s in it for them, which should sound familiar to my students:

Here’s some more advice. The correct version starting at around 2:00 has the same issue, it’s focused on the job but it’s not real interesting or personal. She does at least say she’s excited about getting back to an educational setting so we learn something about her. She could be more personable though.

They suggest: relevant to the job, 1-2 rehearsed minutes, job objective, experience and skills.

I suggest, practiced but not memorized or rehearsed. Relevant to the job and personalized.

Note that tell me about yourself comes in many flavors, even why are you applying for this job is pretty similar. If you get several questions that mean “tell me about yourself,” you need to be careful not to get repetitive.

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