They deserved to get kicked off that plane – debate & discussion speaking activity

Gonna try something new today – a quasi-roleplay for debate / discussion. Normally for debate class we do formal academic style debates but one of the goals for the class is for students to be able to apply their logic in regular conversations (arguments). Anyway, this lesson idea was born last night as I was thinking about giving students a chance to apply their debate skills in an informal conversational setting.

Each student thinks one of the following people should have been allowed to fly while all the others deserved to get kicked off their planes.

Cynthia Angel was worried her pilot may have been drinking, shared her concern with a flight attendant, and was kicked off the plane after the pilot passed a breathalyzer. She wasn’t the only one who thought she smelled alcohol on the pilot’s breath but she was the only one with the courage to say something about it.

Rachel Collier, a 16-year-old girl, was not allowed to fly after a fit of coughing. A doctor on the plane said she’d be fine for her 10 hour flight but Continental Airlines kicked her off the plane anyway. She was on a school trip so a teacher had to stay with her until they could find a flight the next day.

Kate Penland and her 19-month-old baby were kicked off a plane as a possible terrorist threat when the baby said “bye bye plane” repeatedly. A flight attendant told the mother to get her baby to quit saying what she viewed as disturbing / threatening remarks but the baby kept at it.

Emily Gillette (same link as above) was kicked off a Delta flight when she refused to hide her breast feeding. She was asked to use a blanket to keep the breast feeding out of sight from other passengers but refused and was asked to leave the plane. She was in the window seat in the second to last row with her husband sitting next to her.

Kyla Ebbert was removed from a flight and told her outfit was too provocative and revealing. She was able to take the flight after pulling up her top (to show less cleavage) and pulling down her skirt (to show less thigh / underwear) but feels humiliated that she was singled out and told she was dressing inappropriately (showing too much skin).

So in the conversation activity, each student gets assigned one of those women (why are only women getting kicked off planes?) to defend and insists that the others should not have been allowed to fly.

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