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The lesson I‘ll analyze with SLA theories is writing material which is about unusual customs in the world. For this class, the teacher need to prepare handouts, picture cards, vocabulary strips for the gist quiz, two decks of word cards for activity. The procedure of the lesson starts with brainstorming about holidays for the warm up. Then, personal questions that the students like the most are followed. In the presentation part, pictures, word strips, graphic organizer are used for the gist question of the writing. For the controlled activity, the students make sentence with words on the cards and lastly, the students do a role play intended to check their understanding of that day’s lesson.

This lesson is useful to activate the learner’s right hemisphere participation. In the presentation part, the students can activate their right-side brain matching pictures and using graphic organizer which are designed for visual effect. In the step 10, independent activity, role play triggers the right-side of the brain letting the students use their imagination to act a role in the role play.

When it comes to affective filter, this lesson is designed to increase their motivation and tension at proper degree. First, most of the questions are made a bit easy for the level to decrease the student’s anxiety. Pictures, word strips and posters are supposed to help the students to get the answers with ease. But, at the same time, the teacher can call make the atmosphere more alert by calling on the student individually,

Input that the students can get from the teacher, I believe, is not very comprehensible. Of course the text is authentic and other assistant materials are also authentic. But if I am asked that how the content which is about other countries customs motivates the students to read, then I would hesitate. However, the output hypothesis is well developed in this lesson. The personal questions in warm-up part, higher level questions about the students’ opinions on specific subject in presentation part, and role play activity in step 10, all of these are great examples to check the students’ competence, their writing and speaking abilities.

In conclusion, many SLA theories were applied to a simple lesson plan, and we can notice most of the theories are shown every step in a lesson plan. That means we can try and check the theories in our real class and find the best way to teach the student with the best approach. Also, after all, the best way to teach the students the second language is to let them lead their ways with the teacher’s minimum and encouragement to move on to the next stage.

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