Volunteer to work for many years teaching English in North Korea

I guess working in North Korea is so appealing, that Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, PUST doesn’t have to pay their English teachers.

Description of Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate will be an energetic, responsible, and well-qualified professional teacher with relevant English teaching experience. In general, a Master’s level degree (in any subject) is required, as well as at least one year’s classroom English teaching experience at high school, college, or university level. An English teaching qualification (TEFL/ CELTA/ TESOL) is also highly preferred. (For undergraduate classes, a Bachelor’s qualification may be accepted if the applicant has sufficient relevant teaching experience.) Due to the nature of the work and campus-based lifestyle, candidates should also be willing to work as part of a team, submit to authority, and exercise flexibility, cross-cultural sensitivity and perseverance.


Deadline: Always Active

Cost/funding for participants:

Not Funded. Positions are not funded – they are voluntary! Those who come to serve with us must have their own financial support, for various costs and expenses incurred.

They copied and pasted a description from Wikipedia (including the “citation needed” part) so academic rigor is there.

The job ad says you have to submit to authority. Maybe read this BBC article to help you guess what that means.

Students “are the sons of some of the most powerful men in North Korea, including senior military figures.” And the students sing: “Our supreme commander Kim Jong-un, we will defend him with our lives,” as they march to breakfast.

Here’s the job ad.

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