Website review: Drew’s fluency lessons

Drew’s fluency lessons is brought to you by an ESL and Spanish teacher in Austin, TX. The purpose of the sites is to “focus on every day expressions used in daily situations” and to that end the home page features an “expression of the day.”

I like word of the day type things for inquisitive students but please keep in mind that reading about a word is not the same as learning it – it’s just the first step of many and students have to expect that it will be a while before they really “know” the word. Students should try to encounter the word some more in the extensive reading I hope they’re doing and they should look for opportunities to use the word.

The site also has some good tips that focus on encountering language (like reading) or producing language (like using chat rooms).

For teachers, we have a few lesson ideas. I like the the description exercise, especially for beginners. In this exercise, Drew has students describing three famous people they choose. For more advanced learners, instead of having students choose whoever they want, you might cut out say 20 pictures of male models’ faces and assign 1 to each group. Students then describe their face to the other groups who have to pick out that 1 face out of 20.

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