Where to do my PhD?

So I’m ready to do a PhD in TESOL. At first I thought I’d do it at my university, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. After applying, getting accepted, and placing a deposit, I was told that full-time professors can not do a PhD at HUFS.

Now I like my job. But I did my Masters through correspondence and I wanted to do my PhD face to face. If I go that route I can quit my current job and then either do the PhD at HUFS (maybe working here part time or something). Or I can quit my job and do it in America. I end up with a more reputable degree but we have to relocate our dogs and live a bit more poorly than we’re used to. I also need to look at student loans if I end up studying in America.

A friend of mine mentioned Stafford loans – something like 8 grand a year I think he said that’s interest free while you’re studying. I don’t remember exactly. And advice would certainly be appreciated.

For the moment, though, I want to keep my job at HUFS, a job I really love. I might look into taking a course or two online and seeing how that goes. I hear some British universities offer online PhDs.

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