World Schhols Debate topics and definitions

Midterm debates are coming up. Here we have some example debate topics:

“This House believes that affluent nations should accept more refugees”

“This House would waive patent rights for AIDS drugs for under-developed countries.”

“This House believes that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children.”

“This House would cancel third world debt”

“This House would ban all handguns.”

“This House supports the use of the death penalty.”

“This House disapproves of cloning.”

“This House believes that international sport is warfare without weapons.”

“This House would impose democracy.”

“This House refuses to negotiate with terrorists.”

“This House would give parents the final say in medical treatment of their children.”

“This House believes that compensation should be paid for the injustices committed by previous generations.”

Here we have a discussion of several things including some problems that can arise based on how the government defines the resolution. In my class, in order to make sure we have a debate on the issues rather than a “definition debate” both teams will agree on the definition before the debate begins. In fact that will be the second step in preparing for a debate (the first step is choosing a topic).

Next, each team will choose its burden – what they feel they need to prove to win the debate.

We will look at these speeches (Korea vs. Canada) to see examples: “This House believes that the developing world should prioritize economic development before environmental protection”.

Prime Minister (definition? Developed nations should bear the brunt, people will starve if we do this thing, 3 points = burden):

Leader of Opposition:

What countries (no definition)? Other problems? What they have to prove around 3:19 and then 3 arguments.

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